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Triangle Magellan Quatuor

Magellan Quatuor

Music like at the opera.
Sound image has now entered a new dimension. Quatuor masters the stage with such elegance.
The rear tweeter has opened wide the gates to freedom. It is stylishly sleek and refined. You can easily imagine the musicians playing pianissimo to the rear of the orchestra. Quatuor lets you listen to music without having to ask yourself any questions.
Three 16 cm speakers producing powerful, full- bodied bass can deal just as easily with modern types of music as they can with a prestigious string quartet or a cello suite.

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Tüüp: Floorstanding
Süsteemi tüüp: Bass Reflex (with bi-polar tweeter)
Ways: 3
Korpuse värv: HG - black, white, mahagony, bubinga
Võimsus, RMS Watt: 260
Võimsus, max Watt: 500
Töösagedus, (+/- 3 dB): 33 Hz - 20 kHz
Impedanse Om: 8
Tundlikkus, dB: 90 dB
Раздельное подключение НЧ и ВЧ (Bi-wiring): yes
Kaal, kg: 45
Mõtmed, (KxLxS) mm: 1338 x 423 x 371 (with pedestal)