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Triangle Magellan Duetto4890 eur /paar

Magellan Duetto

Liveliness and dynamics are hallmarks of triangle’s sound and they are packed into this gem, which takes up so little space.
Being so compact, this loudspeaker will fit effortlessly into rooms measuring 12 to 30m2, producing the same performances as a column speaker with meticulous bass precision and depth. Its compression tweeter reveals the most delicate details of your sound recordings and blends in perfectly with triangle’s famous midrange driver.
Duetto reproduces such clarity that the loudspeakers suddenly vanish, simply to be replaced by the music. A lightweight paper cone bass-midrange combined with a twin vent system produces rich bass detail. Its sophisticated filter featuring polypropylene capacitors optimizes the process of phasing bass and treble, resulting in astonishing transparency.
Duetto is a benchmark speaker for the recording studios in Meudon. Technological wizardry for a loudspeaker consisting of only two drivers, which just goes to prove that triangle is the master in the field.

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Tüüp: Bookshelf
Süsteemi tüüp: Bass Reflex
Ways: 2
Korpuse värv: HG - black, white, mahagony, bubinga
Võimsus, RMS Watt: 80
Võimsus, max Watt: 160
Töösagedus, (+/- 3 dB): 38 Hz - 20 kHz
Impedanse Om: 8
Tundlikkus, dB: 88
Kaal, kg: 16
Mõtmed, (KxLxS) mm: 460 x 253 x 350